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Comstock Township Fire & Rescue

8700 East Michigan Avenue, Galesburg, MI 49053


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    Station 9-2 is located at 5947 E. H Ave, at the corner of N. 26th St. and H Ave.  It’s the newest of the 3 stations. Opened in October of 2014 It houses Engines 922 and 912 as well as grass truck 972, and the pride of the fleet, a fully restored 1942 Seagrave. Station 9-2 Apparatus protect the northern portions of the township, but are also called to respond to initial and mutual aid requests by neighboring Township of Kalamazoo, and Richland township. Prior to its reconstruction at this site, this station once served as the full time residence of a chief officer and his family who lived at the station and would respond to emergences with the necessary apparatus.

    Station 9-3 is a new addition to the townships fire & rescue facilities.  With the construction of this station in 2002 the department expanded from 2 staffed stations to 3 staffed stations. This addition greatly improved service to citizens and business on the east side of the township by reducing response times. With 2 large drive through bays the station is able to house Engines 932 and 933 as well as staff and utility vehicles. located at 8700 E. Michigan Ave. the Station 9-3 serves as the department main administrative office facility, where the departments 3 full time staff conduct their daily duties. The offices include the office for the Chief of the department, along with the department fire inspector, fleet mechanic, and administrative assistant. East Station Apparatus respond to the eastern portions of the township, but are also answer calls for initial and mutual aid requests by the neighboring Village of Galesburg. The station also has work-out facilities for firefighter to maintain their physical fitness.

    Fire & rescue apparatus In Comstock Township are based out of 3 fire stations located strategically throughout the township to achieve the shortest response time to emergency calls. Each station is staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week by at least 1 firefighter who is specially trained to operate and drive each piece of apparatus to the emergency scene. Firefighters “sitting-in” at a station work 8 hour shifts, 7a-3p, 3p-11p, or 11p-7a, requiring them to sleep at the station on the overnight shift.  All 3 stations are equipped with full Kitchens and bunk rooms to accommodate firefighters while they staff the station. Each station houses at least 2 engines but are all unique in their roll and service to the township. 

    Station 9-1 is the largest and newest of the 3 stations.  Located at 1960 River St. it was constructed in 2009, and took the place of the old central station located on Comstock Ave.   It’s home to Engines 921 and 911, grass truck 971, the departments rescue boat as well as a staff/utility vehicle. Apparatus occupy the stations three large drive through bays. Central Station Apparatus respond to the central and southern portions of the township. They are also responsible for responding to initial and mutual aid requests by neighboring City of  Kalamazoo, City of Portage, and the Township of Kalamazoo. The Central Station also serves as the main training facility utilizing the large classroom with built in audio visual technology and computer equipment.  It also contains the offices of the Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief, as well as the Training Officer.  A workout room complete with weight equipment, treadmill and elliptical machine are also available at this station for firefighters use to stay physically fit.